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Zertifikat Weiterbildung Hessen e.V. bei der Sprachschule Centro in Frankfurt


Frankfurt is one of the new international metropoli, you may already have noticed that you can get away with the English language, both in your private and working life in the metropolitan jungle even if your knowledge of the German language is inexistent. This could be sufficient for the first six months in Germany, however it could become an obstacle for further integration in this new country of residence. In order to get to know the German culture, its diversity, its traditions and its sense of humor, learning German is a necessity, you will be surprised how interesting it can be to finally understand the structures and senses of this language.

While attending the course it may be useful to be surrounded by german speaking people and culture also during your free time. In order to offer you this amazing and enhancing experience we have a lot of nice german families available. They usually offer single as well as double rooms, further agreements as breakfast and lunch need to be discussed from case to case.
All families are located between 1 and max 10 km from our school and the connections with public transport. As we are central, the journey is pretty much direct, lasting max 20 minutes.

We offer free cultural activities every second Wednesday and last Friday of the month for all our german students: a nice opportunity to meet other students outside the classrooms.
You can visit for free, along with one of our german teachers, the most important historical sites of Frankfurt City such as the Dom, Paul´s church, the historical city center, the University site and our fantastic river or important commercial sites such as the Financial Hub of the European Central Bank, newspaper production industry.
On the other hand we also propose other Visits like Goethe house or some museums where the entrance is unfortunately not free.
Last but not least once a month we organise a going out night to get to know Frankfurt by night: in a tipical pub where you can taste the typical “Grüne Sauce“ or “Hand Käse mit Musik“, all combined with the most famous “Apfelwine“.

In order to apply for a Visa you need to register for the course.
Once you have sent us a copy of your passport as well as the enrollment fee, you will receive a quote and the invoice for the amount of months you are enroling for. The first 3 months needs to be paid straight away to allow us to complete the document required by your embassy which are the following:

  • registration confirmation
  • invoice
  • paiment confirmation for 3 months

Of course, in case of a Visa-rejection, you will be entitled to a refund minus €70 which we deduct for administration fee.
For a refund you need to send us the refusal letter of the embassy.
If you have been granted a special visa to attend a German course, participation is mandatory. In most cases it is not possible to cancel.

Learning becomes more and more intensive from a point of view of time, but if your intention is to learn and / or deepen your German systematically, we suggest you take advantage of the flexibility of our individual courses.

Starting from September 2021 we are also offering job-related intensiv course.

“Deutsche Sprache, schwere Sprache” no saying is more correct. But with a person you know and the professional support of one of our native teachers, you will learn to question it. Through mutual motivation and an ad hoc course, learning German in one of our Back to back course  will no longer be a problem.

You can also learn in a very effective way and in no time the German language in one of our Total immersion Courses.

Our Weekend-Courses offer the opportunity to finally do something for yourself: alone or with an acquaintance of yours – learn German at the weekend, away from stress and work commitments.

Telc Zertifikat Sprachschule Centro Frankfurt

Telc exams in Frankfurt am Main for life and work in Germany

2-week courses: You will practice the grammar, listening comprehension and vocabulary that are important for your exam so that you can pass it. For more information contact us “here

3 to 6 hours of time once, depending on the level.  The telc exams are also formally complex, the structure is not simple and for some students this can be an obstacle. The simulation exercise will familiarise you with the mechanics of the exam. For more information contact us “here

14th April 2022

16th June 2022

18th August 2022

22nd September 2022

03rd November 2022

19th December 2022

Please contact us and let us know when you would like to take the exam.

You can contact us here.

German Total immersion Courses in Frankfurt

The best conditions in Frankfurt:

    ->  small groups:

all our group courses have a limited number of participants

Why? Because:

a) you learn faster and more effectively.

b) The first goal is to be able to communicate

c) We teach and train our students in all the five skills of the German language: oral and written comprehension, oral and written communication and pronunciation

    ->There is no registration fee

    ->At the end of the course you receive a certificate of participation indicating the level reached

    ->It is possible to take a free trial hour in one of our on going course


We are waiting for you!!! What are you waiting for? 

Daily coursesPrice per MonthPrice per levelUpcoming events
German A1 in Frankfurt6 Weeks: 4 Units 4 days a week (tot 96 units) Monday to Friday from 10:00 to 13:30403€ per student549€ per studentstarting monthly
German A2 in Frankfurt6 Weeks: 4 Units 4 days a week (tot 96 units) Monday to Friday from 10:00 to 13:30403€ per student549€ per studentstarting in September 2021starting monthly
German B1 in Frankfurt10 Weeks: 4 Units 5 days a week (tot 200 units) Monday to Friday from 10:00 to 13:30403€ per student915€ per studentstarting monthly
German B2 in Frankfurt10 Weeks: 4 Units 5 days a week (tot 200 units) Monday to Friday from 10:00 to 13:30403€ per student915€ per studentstarting monthly
German C1 in Frankfurt10 Weeks: 4 Units 5 days a week (tot 200 units) Monday to Friday from 10:00 to 13:30403€ per student915€ per studentstarting monthly
German C2 FRankfurt10 Weeks: 4 Units 5 days a week (tot 200 units) Monday to Friday from 10:00 to 13:30403€ per student915€ per studentstarting monthly
Pay the whole level, save 10% on the entire course
Evening courses
3-7 Participants: 3 Units à 45 Min, 3 days a week328€ per studentstarting monthly

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Our Job-related language courses for prospective educators, paediatric educators, nursing staff and social assistants

Would you like to continue your education in the field of pedagogy, education or as a nursing staff or social assistant?

We offer you a specific program for job-related language courses, which is based on the training requirements and prepares you in the best possible way for your internship as well as for life in Germany. 

This opens up the possibility of completing an apprenticeship or a course of study as an educator, paediatric educators, nursing staff and social assistant in Germany.

The focus of the language courses is based on everyday working life terminology in order to prepare you for the common situations during your training and later  in your professional life. That’s why we place great importance on the job-specific writing communication that you need to fill out documents, need forms or to communicate with various offices. The oral language is also increasingly practiced so that you can communicate with patients, children or contact others. For this purpose, our trainers include real examples from everyday working experience and make them accessible.

We work with the latest textbooks, which are designed for specialist goals (for example nurses, educators, etc.). You will also be provided with free material during the lesson, which deals with the latest topics from various media, in order to increase your motivation to learn and your  language development.

You have the opportunity to start the language course from your home country and then continue and complete it in presence at our school. You are, however, welcome to start the program directly at our language school and thus acquire more experience in Germany, build up a circle of acquaintances and organise an apprenticeship or apply for specialisation courses more easily after the end of your language course. 

We only use native-speaking language trainers with an academic background who have extensive classroom experience. Using the latest learning techniques, you will not only acquire the necessary skills of the target language, but also receive a valuable introduction to the local customs of the respective industry.

At the end of the language course, you are welcome to take the 4-week preparation course for the Telc exam with us. Afterwards, you can comfortably take the Telc exam at our language school and can apply for your internship or specialisation course without any worries after receiving your language certificate. 

 If you decide to take one of the above-mentioned courses, we will assist you, to  find accommodation or refer you to one of our host families, where you will not only live, but also have the opportunity to solidify what you learn and get to know the country from a local perspective. 

If you already have German language skills, we will carry out a placement test free of charge in order to assess your current level and assign you to the correct language level. If you do not start with level A1 with us, a later entry into our program for professionally relevant language courses from the language level A2 or B1 is also possible. 

We are available to support you throughout the course. Upon request, we will also provide feedback on the interim results, which we will send you at regular intervals. This will allow you to see the progress you have made and what language level you are at.

our daily courses:Limited group of 4 to 8 participants to reach the goal faster. All of our courses are recognized for visa applications.price a monthprice each levelupcoming events
German B1*10 weeks: 4 lessons 5 days a week (up to 200 lessons) Monday to Friday from 10:00 a.m. to 1:30 p.m.496 € per student1.239 € each studentStarting in September 2021
German B2*10 weeks: 4 lessons 5 days a week (up to 200 lessons) Monday to Friday from 10:00 a.m. to 1:30 p.m.496 € per student1.239 € each studentStarting in September 2021
Preparation for Telc B2 certification2 weeks: 4 lessons 5 days a week (up to 40 lessons) Monday to Friday from 10:00 a.m. to 1:30 p.m.990 € each student
German C1*10 weeks: 4 lessons 5 days a week (up to 200 lessons) Monday to Friday from 10:00 a.m. to 1:30 p.m.496 € per student1.239 € each studentStarting in September 2021
Preparation for Telc C1 certification2 weeks: 4 lessons 5 days a week (up to 40 lessons) Monday to Friday from 10:00 a.m. to 1:30 p.m.990 € each student

German Individual courses in Frankfurt

Individual German courses are not only flexible in terms of the amount of hours, but also in relation to the weekly attendance, the time of the lessons and the topics covered. Once you have booked a package with the desired amount of hours, you can decide whether to take lessons of 60 or 90 minutes, whether to take lessons once or more times a week. Obviously the lessons can have a regular rhythm, but also irregular, according to your needs and availability: appointments can therefore be arranged from time to time at front office and in accordance with the teacher’s availability. Holiday breaks, can be organised without giving up and / or missing too many appointments.

Our individual courses:

Sprachpaket “Blitz” 9 x 60 Min. or 6 x 90 Min.448 €
Sprachpaket “Extra” 18 x Min. or 12 x 90 Min.866 €
Sprachpaket “Plus” 27 x 60 Min. or 18 x 90 Min.1252€
Sprachpaket “Big” 40 x 60 Min. or 27 x 90 Min.1788€
Sprachpaket “Mega” 54 x 60 Min. or 36 x 90 Min.2322€
Trial lesson 1 x 60 Min.46 €

German Crash Course in Frankfurt

Quickly, compactly and yet effectively you will improve your German language skills in our crash course. In a few, but more intensive units, our native-speaking teachers offer a framework that is tailored to your needs, making it possible to achieve effective results in a short time. Whether 5 or 3 weekdays, we will find the right model together with you.

course duration 15 Units à 45 Min. each week

one week498€
two weeks 459 € per week
booking from 4 weeks428 € per week

German Weekend Courses in Frankfurt

Learn in a comfortable environment and with flexible appointments: you can book 8 or 12 hours, alone or with a person of your choice, at the weekend, without the worries of the week learning and deepening the German language becomes easier and more effective.

our weekend courses:

8 x 60 Min: Weekend individual course (one weekend), Fr. + Sa. + So.348 €
8 x 60 min : Weekend back to back course508 €
254 € each
12 x 60 min: Weekend individual course499 €
12 x 60 min: Weekend back to back course689 €
344,50 € each

German Back to back Courses in Frankfurt

This type of course offers, in addition to all the advantages and flexibility of single courses, the possibility to share this experience with a person of your choice: learning in two helps to motivate each other and can be more fun.

Our back to back courses:

Back to back 10 Units each 90 min.384,50 € each
Appointments according to previous arrangments
Back to back 15 Units each 90 min.568,50 € each
Appointments according to previous arrangments


Why learn German? About 200 million people in the world are native German speakers. Most of them live in central Europe: German is the official language or the language spoken in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, in South Tirol (Italy), and also in some communities in Belgium, Liechtenstein and Luxembourg. Basically German, after English, is the second most spoken language in Europe.

With no doubt, the first thing to do is to enrol in a German course!

Our mother tongue teachers will help you immerse yourself in the German language and culture, in a week you will be able to finally greet your class companions, order a coffee and purchase a train ticket … in two weeks you will be able to shop, ask for information on the street and have small conversations in German with your colleagues during breaks. You will also finally overcome your shyness and ask everyone to speak to you in German.

The German language has unique sounds and a grammatical structure, which make it different and unique compared to other European languages: once you start you will no longer want to stop learning German.

German is a language with many rules, so don’t be discouraged if you initially take a while: let German flow and let our teachers help you with pronunciation and grammar rules. Like everything in life, once you have started you are already halfway to achieving your goals.

Die wichtigsten deutschen Vokabeln

TschüssCheerio! ByeCiaoAdiós / hasta luegoAu revoir
Ja/NeinYes/NoSi/Nosí / noOui/Non
Guten MorgenGood morningBuondìBuenos días.Bonjour
Guten TagGood day / Good afternoonBuongiornoBuenos días (bis 14 Uhr) / buenas tardes (von 15 – 21 Uhr)Bonjour
Guten AbendGood evening / Good nightBuonaseraBuenas tardes / buenas noches (ab 21 Uhr)Bonne nuit
Auf WiedersehenGoodbye Bye / ByeArrivederciAdiósAu revoir/ à bientôt
Wie geht’s dir?How are you? / Are you well?Come stai?¿cómo estás? / ¿qué tal?Comment ca va? Comment allez-Vous?
Mir geht’s gut.I’m fine thanks / I am fine thank you / I am well / I’m goodBene, grazieEstoy bienMerci, ca va bien
Wie heißt du?What is your name? / What’s your name?Come ti chiami?¿Cómo te llamas?Comment tu t’appelles ?
Wie heißen Sie?What is your name Sir/ Madam? / What’s your name?Come si chiama?¿Cómo se llama?Quel est votre nom?
Ich heiße…My name is… / I am…Mi chiamoMe llamo…Je m’appelle…
Ich spreche deutschI speak German / I can speak GermanParlo tedescoHablo alemánJe parle allemand.
Ich lerne…I am learning…Sto imparando…Aprendo…J’apprends…
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