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Virtual space with real teachers!

Online language courses: Our trainers are always there for you!

With online language courses from CENTRO, you will only have contact with real trainers who enter into an authentic and personal dynamic with you during the language seminar. The fact that this interpersonal exchange can unfold spontaneously as if in a real space is the best guarantee for you to be able to learn the target language effectively.

Our learning methods are very closely linked to the everyday experience in authentic situations. Platforms and online tutorials can be a useful addition to complement the language experience we have gained with real people.

Therefore, our online students do not learn with a self-learning program, but always directly with a teacher. If you want to switch to classroom lessons, you can continue with the same teacher. At the end of the course you will receive a free CENTRO participation confirmation with the number of lessons and the language level you have reached with us.

We have the quality seal of Weiterbildung Hessen e. V.

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Benefits of virtual teaching

In the age of the pandemic, this method guarantees safety for one’s own health and therefore stress-free learning. But even independently, there are many private or professional reasons to give priority to online learning at times.

Distance does not matter, additional time and money expenditures are completely eliminated with the constant learning unit expenses.

Our Online-Courses:


One to One courses: They are location-independent and therefore you do not waste time to reach our language school nor do you need to travel to reach us. You are also protected from possible Covid risk

Total Immersion courses: With a maximum of 8 participants, you are always actualised and can practice speaking in the virtual room where you can exchange ideas with the teacher and with the other participants.

Our online courses allow you to prepare for the language tests of the most sought-after languages!

Online german, Online KUrse

You can attend your course across two different platforms: Skype or Zoom. With both programs you can exchange documents, get corrections live, upload and download homework, etc.

A tablet, laptop or PC that should be equipped with a web camera and microphone. For Skype courses, you also need a Skype account. Please let us know your e-mail address before starting the course.

After registration, make the first appointment with us.

For a Skype course, you will be notified of the teacher’s account name. On the agreed date, please log in with your Skype account. The teacher will then contact you and you will be able to get started. Further appointments can be made directly with the teacher as well as with us.

You don’t need an additional account for a zoom course. After you have registered and the first appointment has been confirmed, you will receive an e-mail confirmation with the invitation to the online appointment. The invitation includes a link. On the agreed date you only need to click on it and you will be let into the virtual room.

Please note that you can only participate in the course if you have paid the invoice beforehand (unless otherwise agreed).

Yes, that is possible. If you want to return to the classroom, the lesson can be continued at any time at the school or at your place. Then you will meet the teacher with whom you have started your course online, in person.

In both modalities, our teachers will be provided with accounts from the school. Thus, your data is protected and is securely stored with us.

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