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In this course you will learn how:


Write a good CV
When you’re applying for a job, a great CV is essential. Find out what to include and what to avoid for the best chance of getting an interview.

Prepare for job interviews
Preparation is the key to a successful job interview.  How to be ready for some common question types.

Work in a remote team
Remote teams bring advantages but also challenges. How to bring out the best in team members when they are located in different places?

Build trust
Trust is the essential ingredient for successful teamwork. How can misunderstandings be avoided and build strong professional relationships?

Influence across cultures
Influencing others is a vital business skill, but how should you vary your approach to get the best results in different culture.

Deal with Conflict Management
Many people feel uncomfortable with conflict but it can help us to develop. Here are tips for managing conflict more effectively.

Manage up
Managing up is about how to manage your boss. Why do you need this skill and how is it done?

Manage meetings
Meetings are essential for team working and getting things done. But done badly, they can feel like a waste of time and energy. Tips for successful meetings.

Manage Flexible working
What are flexible working arrangements  and why are some people against them? Can companies benefit from offering flexible working arrangements to their employees?

For some, negotiating is about winning. For others, it’s about compromise. But if we think about it as a collaboration, often both sides can get what they want.

Use Mindfulness at work
What are the benefits of mindfulness at work and how can we train ourselves to be more mindful in the workplace?

Online Coaching available 
Coaching helps a person make positive changes in their life. Read about how a coach can help you achieve your goals and reach your full potential in the above skills.

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